Alainna Garlick

As a massage therapist, Alainna is practiced at holding space for her clients, who arrive in the pain of the physical, emotional, and spiritual unease. When providing massage therapy, she makes it easier for and more comfortable for an individual to exist in their body, the most vital tool for experiencing life.

She integrates the use of slow and specific therapeutic massage at the depth manageable to the client with cups, scar and myofascial release, the heat and leverage of warm bamboo, aromatherapy, and energy balancing for lasting relief from chronic pain. 

As an End of Life Doula, Alainna weaves together many disciplines and practices, seeking to make the dying process one that is tailored to the meaning and legacy of the life you have lived. Through this personal attention, you are invited to embody the most of the life that you still have left to live.

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