Alaina Tobias

Alaina Tobias is a Licensed Massage Therapist who has a passion for yoga, using it as a tool to bring energetic and physical balance to the body. With 5 years of experience, which included being a part of the massage team voted Best Of in Cumberland County in 2017, Alaina has developed an integrated therapeutic technique that her clients benefit from greatly. She uses deep tissue tools with myofascial release, stretching, and manual lymph drainage to make space for pain relief and a dynamic experience of wellness.

Alaina is a certified Merge Practitioner, using fascia based body mechanic instruction to rebalance and align the body, and a certified Buti Yoga Instructor- a recent evolution of yoga which fuses kundalini and vinyasa yoga practices with tribal dance and primal movements which free the body’s spiraling connective tissue. This movement training assists in further utilizing her knowledge of the body to craft therapuetic yoga flows and self-care instruction, and of course, personalized massage therapy sessions.

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