Beth Baublitz

I am a Central Pa native and have been an ARCB Reflexologist for the last 3 years. In pursuit of new beginnings and balance, I completed my studies at HACC in 2017, which included theory, anatomy, physiology, mapping, ethics, technique and documenting. I continue to broaden my reflexology knowledge through on-line courses, classroom education and through hands on sessions with clients.

What I love most about reflexology is its ability to combine both the magic and the mechanics of the human body to assist in healing and balancing itself. While applying specific techniques to cue the body, it is the body itself that then works its magic in response. In the day to day of our modern world the importance of taking time to relax and allow the systems of the body to balance is crucial. It is my desire to create a time and space for you to allow your mind, body and spirit to recharge.

Sessions last about an hour on average, are preformed from a zero-gravity chair and include relaxation techniques, reflexology covering the entirety of each foot and a hot towel wrap. Recommended frequency varies on an individual basis, due to your specific reason for seeking service. For pure relaxation, most clients book once a month. For those seeking more specific relief, experimenting with frequency to find what works best for you is recommended. I have also set foot on the Reiki path with a Level 1 attunement and bring some of that flavor to the table as well.

I am very excited to be joining forces with The Wellness Collective and helping to serve balance to those in the Camp Hill area!

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