Erica Jo Shaffer

Hello Loves!

I started this part of my journey around 10 years ago when I was attuned to Reiki, then soon after Reiki Master, while starting studies in Shamanic experiences and healing techniques. It was like a huge door opened filled with wonder and my curiosity to explore.

I deepened my Shamanic aspects by attending multiple workshops and retreats created by the Foundation for Shamanic Studies. I began to incorporate more sound tools (drumming, rattles, singing bowls, etc) in the sessions I was giving.

My next opportunity was to study with the Institute of Modern Wisdom, joining the Priestess program. This deepened both my awe and ever evolving relationship with Consciousness, the Universe, the Goddess.

I began regularly leading Sacred Mystic Circles, a gathering with a theme intention to inspire the participants, and to explore the edges of what we believe we know. 

During that stretch, I also began crafting herbal elixirs, salves, rose petal jam and more. Another branch had been revealed for me, and my business "Wildly Crafted Woman" emerged.

This winter I plan to attend Amrit Yoga Institute, to learn to facilitate Yoga Nidra sessions. 

I am very excited and honored to be joining The Wellness Collective team, to offer Unwinding, Soul Gazing, and Shamanic Pranayama Sessions. Keep an eye out for my special events.

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